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"TOPY or not TOPY"

The TOPY Company was founded in 1935 by Manfred and Arno HERPE.

This famous worldwide company was managed from 1992 to 2009 by Alain Herpe, Manfred Herpe's son and now by Caroline Herpe, Alain's daughter, for the third génération.

TOPY is a rubber manufacture, specializing in the production of very high quality rubber sheets, soles and heels for the shoe-repair and orthopaedic industry.

The head office of our company is situated in Boulogne, on the outskirts of Paris. Our manufacturing plant is located in Jallais, in the Maine & Loire area, and covers 7500m2. At this plant 90 production workers are employed.

TOPY is a worldwide reference for professionals and general users.


Our continuous efforts for research and development allow us to keep all our products at the highest quality and design demanded by the footwear industry. As a company our expectations and demands to be the best in our industry lead us always to try to improve the quality of our products. Our range goes from the traditionnal compact rubber, to expanded rubber and to EVA products. TOPY adhere to the international regulations relative to health and environnement.


TOPY is the market leader in France , with around 80% of all the rubber sold in this industry. TOPY has been exporting for over 40 years, 60% of its turnover comes from export across 50 countries : All Europe and mainly Germany ; North America, Australia, China, Japan, North and South Africa, …


TOPY has always exclusively developed a brand policy, supplying to the shoe-repairers high quality products. Who can ignore today the legendary resistance to abrasion of the protective half-sole " TOPY ELYSEE " ? We always offer Quality-price, Quality service , and Prompt deliveries. TOPY is one the few company in this sector to be certified ISO 9001 till 2006
This is why TOPY is synonymous with QUALITY, RELIABILITY and DYNAMISM.


TOPY Advertisement is an exception and an innovation in our field.
TOPY has invested year after year in advertising.
With advertisement campaigns and in-shop advertising, TOPY has always promoted the Shoe-Repair Business.
Twice, in 1984 and 1991, TOPY has obtained the award of " Oscars for Exportation ", awarded by the Ministry of International Affairs.
This is why we can very proudly say that every year, Million people wear TOPY underneath their shoes.

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